Questions about the TON pre-ICO and ICO

I'm afraid of a hacker attack, how secure is your system?

All components of the system are completely represented by opensource solutions, the source code of which will be available on GitHub and can be checked by anyone.The TON platform is a decentralized service and potential unauthorized access to any elements of the infrastructure will not allow an attacker to access the contents of TON. We use the following cryptographic algorithms for encryption: AES-256 and ECC-Secp256k1. These reliably protect TON files from local bruteforce attack. (


Why do you need the ICO? Where will the money go to?

We need the ICO to accelerate the development process, as well as the development of our product.The funds will be used to attract additional specialists, maintain the infrastructure, and conduct advertising and marketing campaigns.


Who distributes tokens and how quickly will I receive them after the end of the initial offering?

During the pre-ICO, the distribution of tokens will be made in manual mode.Tokens purchased at the ICO will be charged automatically using smart contracts. Enrollment takes place immediately after your funds are credited to our account.


Is there a bounty campaign? What bounty activities are tokens offered for?

We are launching a Bounty campaign for the community and hope for your help in spreading  information about our product. The announcement will be posted on Bitcointalk and on our blog on Medium. Details of the Bounty campaign, the token distribution and the stakes can be seen in the announcement.


Where can I see the progress of the ICO and how many funds have been already collected?

The fundraising process will be displayed on the main page of our website in real time.


What is your minimum entry threshold?

The minimum entry threshold is 1 ETH in any of the available cryptocurrencies.


Where can I see the smart contract code?

The smart contracts code will be posted on GitHub.


Is there a hard cap of the funds raised?

The maximum amount of funds collected cannot exceed $20 million.

Questions about the TON token

What does your token provide?

The token has a utility value providing platform users with the possibility to create TON containers.


When will I receive my TON tokens?

They will appear instantly in a personal account. They can be used either after the product is released or the tokens will enter the exchange.


How can I buy TON tokens?

Tokens can be bought with the biggest discount on the pre-ICO and with smaller discounts during the ICO.
Payment is accepted in BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, DASH


Where and how do I store TON tokens?

TON token can be stored in any wallet that supports ERC-20 standard.


Will additional TON tokens be produced after the ICO?

No additional token emission is planned.


Will TON tokens be available on exchanges after the ICO?

Yes, this will be announced at a later date.


Do TON tokens accept the ERC-20 standard? Can I transfer them to a third-party ETH wallet?

Yes, TON tokens are fully compatible with the ERC-20 standard and they can be transferred to a third-party ETH wallet.


How many TON tokens will be sold during the ICO?

A total of 30 million TON tokens are produced. 78% of these tokens will be available for sale.